Verimos and Well Beyond Care Team Up To Offer Caregivers Benefits

Verimos and Well Beyond Care Team Up To Offer Caregivers Benefits

Verimos and Well Beyond Care Team Up To Offer Caregivers Benefits

Verimos and Well Beyond Care Team Up To Offer Caregivers Benefits

Today we announced how we’re teaming up with Well Beyond Care to support the health, well-being, and safety of their 35,000 in-home caregivers. You can read the full text of the news release below for all the details, but there are a few important things to know.

In our country there are approximately 8 million people who leave their homes each day to give care to someone else in their home. It could be making meals, changing bandages, picking up around the house, listening, monitoring medication, or laundering the bedding. It’s not a glorious, high-paying job by any means. The caregivers would say it’s a labor of love. But those caregivers are not being cared for themselves.

Less than 5% report that they have any kind of health benefits or insurance of any kind, and together Verimos and Well Beyond Care are doing our part to care for the caregiver.


Verimos and Well Beyond Care Team Up To Offer Caregivers Benefits

Offering health and wellness benefits the 8.1 million underserved caregivers

Two Austin-based companies, Verimos and Well Beyond Care, announced their alliance today to offer a new suite of benefits to caregivers. These two companies are working together to provide desperately needed health and well-being resources to the underserved community of non-critical, in-home caregivers, and are in the process of rolling out a solution to Well Beyond Care’s network of over 32,000 caregivers across the United States.

Caregivers Are Overlooked

According to the most recent data available, there were approximately 8.1 million in-home, non-clinical caregivers in the U.S. working under the titles of personal care attendant, companion caregiver, home care assistant, home health aide, or certified nursing assistant (CNA) and over half report that they chose this career because it gives them a sense of purpose or meaning. Ironically, one in four find it difficult to take care of their own health. This is because less than 5% report having any kind of health insurance coverage in addition to the physical and emotional strain of their work. Most caregivers are not offered any kind of health insurance as part of their employment, and the vast majority report that they do not have coverage because the price of insurance is too expensive to obtain.

Technology Innovation Bypasses Caregivers

While Silicon Valley venture capitalists pour billions into technology for rideshare and food delivery, caregivers and other untethered workers have little in the way of innovative solutions to make their lives easier. The technology landscape is saturated with knowledge tech workers creating solutions for other knowledge tech workers. As the average hourly wage for a worker stagnates, so does investment in technology innovation for that element of the workforce.

Verimos and Well Beyond Care Reverse the Trend

The two companies are rolling out the Verimos platform to over 32,000 caregivers at Well Beyond Care to “care for the caregiver.” Well Beyond Care’s mission has always been twofold: to offer more affordable care to consumers while at the same time raising the hourly rate for caregivers by disintermediating the industry. Verimos is about offering services and health options for untethered workers such as caregivers. Together these companies apply technology to better the average Joe and Jane. With Verimos, Well Beyond Care Caregivers can now use a mobile application to stay safe with one touch access to the daily COVID questionnaire, collaborate with other members of their work family, enjoy unlimited telemedicine access, and get discounts on prescriptions as well as dental and vision needs.

A View From The Executives

“Being a caregiver is a job which is thankless, requires daily travel and long hours, and frequently requires Herculean effort to go the extra mile for those they care for,” said Jeffrey Fry, CEO of Well Beyond Care. “It is a labor of love which rarely comes with high pay or benefits. Individuals have chosen to be a caregiver due to their overwhelming desire to serve and help others. The benefits offered by Verimos are sorely needed by the millions of caregivers in our country.”

“Organizations with a diverse, distributed, and deskless work family find it challenging to assess, engage, and support their health and well-being,” said Bryan Menell, CEO of Verimos. “It’s important to know that the people that provide in-home care need care as well.”

Important for Everyone

When people delay healthcare for basic needs, health issues become worse and in turn get more expensive. For the uninsured and underinsured this means they end up in the county emergency room, or seeking care under state Medicaid programs. Those institutions are far more expensive, and cost vast amounts of taxpayer money. Providing health access and health care for our nation’s caregivers is good for them, good for the economy, and good for the country.

About Verimos

Verimos connects employers to their deskless workforce, improving productivity and retention by supporting their health, well-being, and safety. Our mobile app delivers pulse surveys, fosters discussion, and provides your work family with resources such as telemedicine, roadside assistance, best prices on prescriptions, and discount networks for dental and vision, improving the lives of employees and reducing employer risk and expenses.

About WellBeyondCare

Well Beyond Care is the only company that teaches families and individuals how to find and manage affordable non-medical in-home care, while solving the chronic problems of caregiver truancy and turnover through the web application, The Company’s platform combines the power of the internet with the personal touch of nurses to offer families a pathway to transitional care, allowing our elderly parents to safely age-in-place. Their solution lowers stress in hiring a caregiver and saves families tens of thousands of dollars per year in care costs.

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