Our Alliance with MM Analytics

Our Alliance with MM Analytics

Our Alliance with MM Analytics

Our Alliance with MM Analytics

There are many dimensions of well-being for everyone, not just foundational workers. They include things like social, emotional, environmental, and financial. With our new alliance with MM Analytics, we’re taking a huge step forward in being able to assess and support physical well-being for the foundational workforce.

We’ll be expanding our daily self-assessments to include questions around musculoskeletal health with stretches and movement routines to prepare people physically to drive a truck for hours at a time in a sitting position, lift goods in a warehouse, or perform repetitious movements with their arms. Incorporating a subset of the features from MM Analytics’ product Miracle of Motion into the Verimos mobile application will give our app users pre- and post- work stretching routines to avoid missing work due to musculoskeletal issues or pain. Should app users experience a high level of pain while performing any of the stretches, additional resources can be brought to assist such as a telemedicine session that could result in prescription-strength pain management or muscle spasm reducers.

Our guiding light for delivering these features is the unique needs of the foundational workers who require a healthy physical body in order to earn their pay, and an easy-to-use and seamless mobile experience that is in their pocket 24/7.

Over the past few months we’ve been fortunate to get to know the team from MM Analytics, and we’re excited about bringing these new capabilities to users of the Verimos application.

For more details, you can read the full text of the release here.


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