How does my workforce use it?

All of the benefits for your workforce are accessed through a single mobile application that works on Apple and Android, and also is in English and Spanish. No cards to carry in your wallet or purse.

Who owns the data?

The members of your workforce own their individual private health data, and we may display to you aggregate information about the workforce as a whole to deliver greater insights to their health and well-being.

Is there a waiting period?

No. As soon as you add someone to your account, they are notified that the benefits are available and they are immediately enrolled. There is no waiting required in order to utilize the benefits.

Is it for full time workers only?

No. There is no minimum work requirement, so you can extend this benefit to part-time workers, temporary workers, exempt, non-exempt, or any other classification of your workforce.

What is the cancellation policy?

There are no long-term contracts, simply notify us of cancellation and you will not be billed again. Benefits will be available till the end of the current billing period, since you already paid for them.

Is this insurance?

Nothing we provide is any kind of insurance product. We provide health access, discounts, and information to your employees to help them get health care at the best possible prices.

What about workers who are desk bound?

They can receive the exact same benefits. Everyone in your workforce can be on the same plan and enjoy the same benefits, no matter what their classification might be.

What does it take to qualify?

All that is required to sign up (after payment) is a first name, last name, email address, and mobile number for each member of your workforce. Some benefits may request additional information at the time of service.


You've taken an important step in retaining more members of your work family, and putting more dollars to your bottom line!