Offering Free Telemedicine to Your Employees

What is the top reason employees don’t come to work? They are sick, or a family member is sick. Telemedicine gets them to a doctor immediately, getting them back to work faster.

The Foundational Workforce

Many times when people think about the nature of “work” or working in general, an image is conjured up in your head based on popular culture ideas and notions, or what we see on television. Someone walks to their car with their briefcase, commutes to an office, and spends their day in an office or […]

Telemedicine Can Triage Health Issues and Avoid Excessive Costs

Having access to a doctor 24/7 is a great way to triage your health issues, and understand if your current condition is urgent or life threatening. Going to the emergency room of your local hospital, visiting an urgent care clinic in a retail shopping mall, and having an office visit with your primary care physician are three different experiences for three very different levels of need.

Continuous Safety Dialog

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