Walking Safely on a Wet Floor

Para Español Introduction Mopping is an essential part of cleaning floors, however wet floors can be a hazard if you’re not paying close attention. Safety Slips happen due to sudden change in contact (or grip) between your foot and the floor. Following a few guidelines for wet floors can save you from slips and falls […]

Pre-Work Stretch: Chest and Back

Para Español Introduction Light stretching before work will avoid aches and pains in your muscles and joints. You might have seen video of Japanese factory workers doing exercises before work, and thought of it as funny. There is a reason why they perform these exercises. It works to promote physical health and long life. In […]

Pre-Work Stretch: Back Muscles

Para Español Introduction I know what you’re saying to yourself — things like cleaning, sweeping, and mopping is physical exercise. Why would I need to do more physical activity before work? Because it’s going to help you in so many ways. Read on for details. Background In 1928 Japan created a daily radio broadcast of […]

Pre-Work Stretch: Chest Muscles

Para Español Introduction Studies show that even mild stretching before a work shift reduces incidents of soft tissue injuries. You will also see increased flexibility and endurance. It also gets your blood flowing, giving you more alertness and awareness which can reduce injuries in the workplace. Background In 1928 Japan created a daily radio broadcast […]


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