Don't let car trouble be the trouble

Roadside Assistance

Roadside Protect has designed your roadside assistance plan to reduce the impact of many of the inconveniences and burdens that accompany automobile ownership. Whether the issues are auto maintenance or automobile breakdown, this plan has been designed to enhance your automobile experience.

Members Receive

Members have access to telephone roadside dispatch 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, in English and Spanish, handled by a live agent. There is a 3-service limit per trailing twelve months for each active member. Service extends to one additional adult driver in the household for any car they drive.

Members have access to full road and towing services to the nearest service facility for all self-propelled, four wheel vehicles, trucks and recreational vehicles with a gross vehicle weight up to 10,000 lbs. Vehicles must be designed, licensed and used for private, on-road transportation. For recreational vehicles and trucks with more than four wheels and a Gross Vehicle Weight (GVW) of up to 10,000 lbs. members have access to gasoline/fuel delivery service and battery jumpstart services. The member is responsible for the cost of fuel. Motorcycle service is included.

Your Plan Includes

What can we not cover?

This Plan Excludes

  • Service if member is not with the disabled vehicle.
  • Transportation for the member to the vehicle for service
    or from the vehicle to another destination after service has been rendered.
  • Service will not be rendered in areas
    not regularly traveled, such as vacant lots, beaches, open fields, or other places which would be hazardous for
    service vehicles to reach.
  • Towing a vehicle off a boat dock or marina.
  • Delivery or repair of tires.
  • Installation or removal of snow tires and chains nor dismounting, repairing, or rotating tires.
  • Vehicle’s storage charges.
  • Cost of parts, installation, products, materials, impounding, and additional labor relating to towing.
  • Service of any kind on vehicles used for commercial purposes or using dealer tags (Note: All trucks in New York
    have commercial license plates whether they are used for business or private use. If the truck is used for private
    use, we will dispatch.)
  • Service for taxicabs, tractors, boats, trailers, dune buggies, or vehicles used for competition, or stolen vehicles.
  • Service for unlicensed vehicles.
  • Service for vehicles with expired safety
    inspection sticker, license plate sticker, and/or emission sticker(s) where required by law.
  • Service for vehicles illegally parked or impounded.
  • Repeated service calls for a car in need of routine maintenance.
  • Service when a vehicle is snowbound. We do not hoist, winch, or shovel vehicles from unplowed roads, snow banks,
    snowbound driveways, or curbside parking.
  • Accident towing or towing to/from an impound lot.
  • Service for vehicles that have been involved in an accident or have been vandalized.


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