the leading retention solution for the deskless workforce

Connecting Employers to Their Diverse Distributed Deskless Workforce

Increase retention, recruit better, reduce no shows, and lower worker’s compensation claims.

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Daily Work Readiness Assessments

Make sure your work family is free of COVID symptoms, has all the materials and equipment they need for work today, and intends to show up for their shift.

The results appear on your employer dashboard. Instantly.

The One App Your People Will Use. Daily.

All the secrets of retention baked into one piece of software that pays for itself.

Fringe Benefits

Affordable fringe benefits will keep your workforce loyal, and referring friends to open positions. Your new recruiting weapon against competitors.

Rewards and Recognition

Recognize publicly and reward privately. Whether it's a birthday or work anniversary, making it highly visible to your workers gives them the feels.

Health and Safety

Whether it's the free telemedicine, daily work readiness, or Continuous Safety Dialog, we're helping to keep people healthy and the workplace free from accidents.


People stay when they feel connected to each other, and their company. We facilitate that with unlimited discussion groups for any segment of the workforce, and a complete messaging platform.

Everybody Wins

Connect Any Segment of Your Work Family Instantly

Full time, part time, interns, volunteers, or furloughed workers can connect to Verimos instantly without waiting periods, surveys, contracts, signatures, or hassle.

Preferred Franchise Locations

We provide discounts to select franchise locations


Verimos Pays for Itself

Even the smallest dent in workers comp claims or turnover will provide a positive return on your investment. And you’ve got a new recruiting tool that gives you an edge against competitors who don’t provide fringe benefits.

$19.95 per person per month. No contracts. No paperwork. No eligibility windows or deadlines.